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Ed Mulcahy - Percussion

John made history by being the World’s First Test Tube Baby to be actually conceived in a human being. His birth was a crowned achievement for the field of borelliology. His parents were blessed with a beautiful, happy, bouncing baby boy. (Did you notice I didn’t say healthy?) Within moments of his birth it was evident, John was born without a tail. His parents decided right then and there that they would raise their son on a desert island to protect him from the cold arrows and rocks a cruel world might throw at such a unique child. Shielding John from society has given him the ability as an adult to fear large crowds.

Highly intelligent, at the age of 4 he invented a language of his own. A language, which coincidently sounded just, like English. As an adult he founded the American Academy of Talk Show Audiences, whose alumni include Bob Ligenza, Vera Torres, and of course Tameka Jarvis. Tameka, is the creator of the gesture / phrase, talk to the hand. John Changed The World Of Appliances when he and several other co-workers gave the world famous department store a paint job.

Today, John sings and plays bass in the band Blendre.

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