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A Heavenly Tangent
One day Iíll wake up from the kisses of puppies and the sun will be shining and my homework will be done and Iíll smell my favorite breakfast cooking and kittens will be playing at the foot of my bed and Iíll hear the sound of my familyís laughter in the other room and Iíll look out the window to see the tip of a Ferris Wheel peeking over the roof of the house next door and Iíll hear a car full of people driving by blasting my music on their car stereo along with the distant sound of the ocean crashing against the shore then after a brief sun shower a rainbow would appear in the sky and under the rainbow thereíd be a flock of exotic and not so exotic birds flying over head Iíll then jump in the shower to feel perfectly temperate water strongly beating against my head leaving me with a head full of damp curly hair and these feelings of security would be topped off with pure joy as I spot my Father blissfully reading his newspaper in his favorite chair he would then place his paper down and reassure me that everything always turns out all right and that life is a series of dreams from which we continually awake to find another reality each being more heavenly in comparison to the one before it and that some day when we have dreamed every dream we will then savor the ecstasy of being fully awake for to be fully awake is the only way we can experience Heaven in all of itís glory !


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