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B l e n d r e

Frequently Asked Questions

All questions are answered by John on behalf of the other band members.

Q. What is Blendre?
A. Blendre is an original music playing, three piece band.

Q. How do you pronounce the name, Blendre?
A. Like the household appliance, the blender.

Q. How did you come up with the name?
A. Ed, the head of our percussion department came up with 
   the name. He was inspired by the skater, Neil Blender. 
   Hence, our name...we had to change the spelling for legal
   reasons to the traditional English spelling. To blend 
   which is part of the name, represents our band philosophy, 
   to blend each members vision and talent. 

Q. How would you classify Blendre's music?
A. That's a hard question to answer. It's easier to say what it's 
   not than to say what it is. It's not country, rap, metal, 
   polka, classical, gospel, latin or dance. How would you 
   classify it?

Q. Are you guys a signed or unsigned band?
A. Ask us this question again after September of 2003.

Q. Where do you rehearse?
A. We rehearse at our Secret Sonic Laboratory located
   in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, Earth.

Q. Where do you live?
A. We all live in the New York City area.

Q. How do you feel about stalkers?
A. We don't mind them, as long as they have nice legs.

Q. Who are your musical heros?
A. The Beatles, Tommy James and the Shondels, Fugazi 
   Jane's Addiction, Bad Brains, Beastie Boys, Tool, 
   Rush, Faith No More, to name a few.

Q. What is the fastest animal?
A. I believe it's the cheetah...

Q. Who is the oldest and who is the youngest member?
A. John is the oldest and Adam is the youngest.

Q. Are you guys pro-drugs?
A. As a band we're pro-choice. All of us 
   have left the days of using behind us.

Q. Are you guys vegetarians?
A. Yes.

Q. What is the best veggie burger?
A. Boca Burgers!!!! We eat them almost
   every day. 

Q. Why do Extraterrestrials still use anal probing
A. I suppose they have some emotional attachment 
   to the ritual. Besides, did you ever see the 
   size of one of those MRI machines...they'd 
   never be able to fit one in their ship. 

Q. How do you guys feel about the internet?
A. We love it.

Q. Do you answer fan email?
A. Yes, each and every one.

Q. How often do you update your web site?
A. As much as time permits.

Q. How do you go about choosing the pictures for your Gallery?
A. The Gallery is a place where we post images that 
   hold a special place in our hearts in one way or another. 

Q. What is each member's fav Blendre song?
A. That seems to change from time to time but as of 
   now, Ed's is Here Today and my favorite is 
   Soul For  Sale. It really depends on what 
   kind of mood we're in. The songs are like our 
   children. So, for better or worse we love them 
   all. Unless they disobey us and grow up to bring 
   shame to our family. Then we'll disown them.

Q. Where can I get a CD?
A. Hop over to our Merchandise page
   for details on how to get a hold of one. 

Q. Where has been you favorite place to play?
A. We would have to say The Elbow Room on Bleecker, 
   in the city. They have a great stage and sound sytem . We 
   look forward to playing there again along with 
   the rest of the great clubs in the NY/NJ area. We 
   especially look forward to playing CBGB's.

Q. Do you keep in touch with your past guitarists?
A. We keep in touch with Jeff (DogPound). Today
   he's very supportive of us as we are of him.

Q. Do you have any favorite bands that you've played 
   shows with?
A. We loved playing with Liquid Spider Station, the  
   Catholic Girls, Bomb Paris, Soul Fist. We look
   forward to adding to that list.

Q. Why do dogs feet smell like Doritos?
A. I think it's the other way around. I think that the 
   good people at Frito Lay must have done some 
   test marketing where they found out that most people
   like the smell of dogs feet. So they figured it would
   be great to put that aroma into a chip. As we all know 
   it has paid off, because hey, who doesn't love Doritos...