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Band Journal Archives

January 2002 - December 2002

January 18, 2002

Well, we seem to be back on track on all fronts. We have big plans for the summer. Were still recording our new CD. Were really excited because were totally free from negative influences and just bad vibes. Were doing things a lot differently than we did before. We are no longer slaves to circumstances, which are beyond our control. We now know how to roll with the punches a lot better. After a lot of turmoil both personally and professionally I am once optimistic again. Im going on the premise that life can only kick you in the ass so many times before it moves onto somebody else. Im sure there are probably like a million people that would tell me otherwise. For now Id like not to hear from them. One thing is certain to me that no matter where I go in life, music is and always has been a lifeline to me. Its gotten me through the worst of times and it s been there to help me celebrate in the best of times. We would we be without a song

Peace, John

January 19, 2002

I just have to say that every time I stand outside of my abode and look in the direction where the Twin Towers once stood, it breaks my heart. Every time I look in their direction, Im reminded of that horrible day. I really wish they would rebuild 2 more towers. Ill get into why I feel this way another time. I hear the powers that be arent going to rebuild anything that resembles what was once there. Anyway, we had our first snow of the season, today. We got about 4 inches. Thats enough snow for me. It was great to be indoors recording. Tonight, we put down the rhythm tracks for Here Today. Its so funny, I know the bass part for this song in my sleep but every time we recorded I kept making mistakes. Just nervousness, I know. But by the end of the night I was very happy with what was recorded. We started around 5:00pm and by 3:00am when we were about to bump a few tracks to make room for more recording, it happened! You see, were not that familiar with our new digital recorder and Im not sure what we did wrong but we lost everything we recorded. Everything gone. At first we were very upset but then we just laughed at our stupidity and decided to re-read the manual again. I think we figured out what we did wrong. So, were scheduled to work on this song again on Tuesday.

Peace, John

January 22, 2002

Well, we finally got the rhythm tracks down for "Here Today". I must say that practice is really important. Since, I've been practicing the bass and piano everyday , the recording is coming along nicely. My first takenervousness isn't so bad anymore. The things that seem to take the most time are technical glitches or our ignorance with the recording equipment. Well, that's the price you have to pay when you want to do everything yourself. I find it best to learn every aspect. I hope Blendre to be a low maintenance kind of band I don't want to have rely on the good people at the record company for everything. Or for them to feel that they have to hold our hands in the recording studio. Anyway it was a good night for us. Tense but fun. We just have lead guitar and vocals left to do.

Peace, John