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BLENDRE, (pronounced, b-l-e-n-d-e-r, like the 
appliance)is a band of 3 musicians from the 
New York City area. Take Neil the guitarist, he 
is one with his instrument, take Ed who is a 
percussion magician and then blend them 
with John whose roots are in songwriting and 
the results are catchy songs, with great guitar 
parts and interesting non-traditional drumming 
and vocal arrangements. Pop songs that don't feel 
like Pop songs. Music that sounds familiar yet 
very alien. All of this topped off with lyrics 
that have a point of view makes Blendre a band 
with a vision. 

BLENDRE's self titled EP marks the first time in 
history that Blendre music has ever been captured 
on compact disc for world distribution. The CD 
contains five original songs that are sure to 
become stuck in your head. Recorded in December of 
1999, these five songs represent a fine beginning 
for a band whose time has come.