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Mutiny Zoo Studios

There was a good vibe in the air on 
November 30, 1999, when Blendre went into 
Mutiny Zoo Studios to begin recording 
their 5 song, self titled EP. Claudio, 
the engineer, created a great atmosphere for 
making music. The heat was turned way up, so 
it felt like July instead of November or 
December inside. 

This summer feeling made the usually arduous
task of setting up, a breeze.  After the 
sound check there was a run through of each 
song with only the drums being recorded. The 
rest of the instruments were recorded later 
on, one instrument at a time. The bass was 
next, then the guitar, followed by various 
percussion. Leaving the last two days for 
vocals and the mixing down process.

On December 15, 1999, Blendre completed 
their self titled EP and walked out of 
Mutiny Zoo Studios with the completed 

And now, for the first time ever, Blendre's 
music is available to the world! This self 
titled EP is the first recording of Blendre 
music anywhere! It includes such songs as 
Let Go My Ego, Glass People, I Can't Let Go, 
Off The Ground, and Moments Of Clarity.